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Koochikoo Peppermint Drops

Free at last? Sugar-free that is. You can’t run away from your sweet tooth, but you can choose to satisfy your cravings with a healthier candy. Koochikoo Peppermint Drops are here to provide you with naturally flavored sweets minus all the unwanted additives and sugar. What’s their secret you ask? 

Koochikoo uses a special prebiotic tapioca base with a “soft honey” texture and sweetness. It is derived from the cassava plant root and has a mild sweetness. It has the added benefits of being low calorie compared to sugar, and a prebiotic which aids in digestion. Tapioca also only takes about 25% as much water to cultivate as cane sugar.

This is key to help avoid added sweeteners like sugar, stevia, sorbitol, and maltitol for a cleaner flavor and mouthfeel. 

Each drop contains 3 grams of tapioca (an excellent source) and is USDA Organic, gluten-free, Kosher, and vegan. They are also keto-friendly (1 net carb per drop) and a 0-point snack on the Weight Watchers program. These delicious and nutritious candy drops are certain to Tickle Your Tastebuds! 

Koochikoo’s mission is more than just to reform the sugar-polluted candy category. Koochikoo means “to smile,” and these candies are here to bring smiles to children and adults around the world. A portion of their proceeds are donated to SmileTrain – a charity dedicated to correcting cleft palates for children in developing countries.

San Carlo UniChips

You may not be able to make that trip to Italy, but your tastebuds can with San Carlo Italian Potato Chips! 

Founded in Milan, in 1936, San Carlo has brought more than 80years of food family business, passion, entrepreneurship and innovation. Fast forward to 2020, La VITA e BUONA (Life is Good) line of chips is born! 

San Carlo combines the traditional, timeless classic that are their potato chips with delicious natural flavors. Characterized by their crispy texture and bright color, these chips are kettle-cooked at different temperatures and lightly salted, enhancing the taste of the potatoes without being too heavy.

Their packaging is inspired by some of the iconic Italian landmarks and traditions: 

  • Roma for Classic Potato Chips
  • Florence for Paprika
  • Naples for Tomato Chips

What Italian cities do you think these flavors go with?

  • Mint and Chili Pepper
  • Wavy Potato
  • Pesto

Florence? Milan? Puglia? Go beyond the bag and relish in traditional flavors that will transport you to Italy.

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