The Moroccan Mint Tea Custom

Moroccan Mint Tea
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The mint tea in the Morocco Box is one of our absolute favorite products and its inclusion is due to its immense cultural relevance throughout the country. In Moroccan culture, there’s even a proverb that is said to describe the tea time experience: “The first glass is as gentle as life, the second is as strong as love, and the third is as bitter as death.” The tea in your box is ready-to-make, but read ahead to learn more about the origins and history of this delicious beverage!

What is the Moroccan tea time experience?

It is said that the tradition of the Moroccan mint tea process has been in effect since as early as the 12th century. Marked by trademark hospitality, many Moroccans take pride in hosting guests; the mint tea experience is the usual custom upon hosting. Usually prepared by the head of household, tea is prepared in a traditional manner and 3 cups are typically enjoyed in a sitting. It’s rude to refuse tea offerings, so be sure to be ready to enjoy mint tea if visiting a Moroccan home!

How is the tea made?

The traditional practice of making Moroccan mint tea consists of more than just steeping tea bags in hot water. The tea is comprised of Chinese gunpowder green tea, fresh or dried spearmint leaves, and a large amount of sugar. Here are the traditional steps to the procedure:

1. The process begins by boiling water and loose tea leaves, then adding sugar and mint and allowing to steep for five minutes.

2. The first glass is then poured. A staple of Moroccan tea time is pouring the tea from high above, in a thin stream, to allow the tea to aerate as it fills the cup, and the aroma fills the room.

3. It is essential to have bubbles and/or foam on the surface of the tea. This is said to ensure the quality of the tea.

4. The first cup of tea will be subtle. The second pouring, however, will be more herbal with pronounced mint flavor, whereas the third is said to be “as bitter as death.”

5. It is imperative to enjoy the tea. Savor the experience; be sure to sip the tea slowly.

By following these steps, you can enjoy a Moroccan tea time experience at home!


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