4 International Alternatives to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Meal

Looking to mix up your Thanksgiving spread? Wanting to move beyond the traditional? Use some of our international food products to help you freshen up your big meal! Here, we’ve collected our top four products so you can spruce up your Thanksgiving dishes. 

© Stocksnap
© Stocksnap

Fruit jam vs. Date spread made in Israel

Tired of using the same jam you always use on your cheese board? Pair this date spread made by Yoffi in Israel with crackers and cheese (like brie or parmesan) for an appetizer platter that is sure to impress. Want to learn more about this maker? Here’s our exclusive interview with them!

Table salt vs. Finishing salt from France

Seasoning your turkey before roasting is key, but it’s important to garnish after too. Add a gourmet touch and sprinkle this finishing salt from Saunier de Camargue in France over the browned skin, just after carving. But be careful, a little goes a long way! This salt has been harvested from the vast, naturally pink salt flats of the French Mediterranean for centuries.

Cranberry sauce vs. Swedish Lingonberry jam

Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving tradition, and this lingonberry jam is the perfect alternative. It’s similarly sweet and tart, and tastes great with turkey. In Sweden, lingonberry jam is served with meatballs, mashed potatoes, and gravy – so why not pair with the Thanksgiving versions?

Pumpkin pie vs. French spiced cake

Some people adore pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but there’s others who could happily do without. This spiced bread mix called Pain D’Epices (pronounced pahn day-piece) from France is a great alternative. It’s festive and very easy to make! Margot and Scarlette are the two sisters behind the company, Marlette, and make it easy to bake French foods at home.

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