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59 Expressions that Prove France is Obssesed with Food

It’s no secret that the French are obsessed with food, but little known is the severity of this obsession. Not only are the French famous for their long lunch breaks—some take up to 2 hours every day!—and known to discuss upcoming meals while eating their current one, but so many common idioms happen to revolve around food. We’ve compiled 59 expressions to help you navigate the culinary and linguistic absurdity of French culture.

Eggs Benedict

Mother Sauces 101: The Secret to French Cuisine

What would our favorite Eggs Benedict be without hollandaise sauce? While they’d still be pretty darn delicious, they wouldn’t be the brunch staple that we’ve come to love and look forward to eating every Sunday. This familiar hollandaise, along with four other classics, is known as one of the five “mother sauces” that form one of the building blocks of French cuisine.

Roast Chicken Dijonnaise

Roast Chicken Dijonnaise

A classic dish that any French chef (strike that—any chef, period) should master, roast chicken doesn’t have to be boring. The dish is traditionally made with the chicken cut into pieces, but this version presents the whole bird to the table for a show-stopping centerpiece with a wallop of flavor.

France Teatime

Back by Popular Demand: The France Box is Here!

It’s a big day for Try The World: the flagship box is back! When it was first created over three years ago, the Paris Box sold out within the first two days of it’s release, and customer feedback about it was incredible. It’s been a subscriber favorite since the very beginning! Thanks to your praise, we’re bringing this same box—now renamed the France Box—back so you can experience the incredible cuisine of France once again. Here’s a look at what’s inside.

Swedish Pancakes

Pannkakor: Swedish Pancakes

Despite their namesake, pannkakor are actually more like crêpes than pancakes. Thin and delicate in flavor, they’re a great base for a variety of toppings, including butter and powdered sugar, jam, or the lingonberry preserves from the Sweden Box.


What We’re Playing: Music from Sweden

As it turns out, many of our favorite songs are products of Sweden, but you’d never guess since so many are sung in English, played in bars, or on Top 40 lists! Here, music expert Akornefa Akyea takes us on a catchy, musical journey as we discover the incredible sounds of Sweden.

Grilled Fish with Charred Peppers

The Ultimate Grilling Menu for Summer Meals

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer grilling. In honor of warm weather and all things outdoors, we’ve created the ultimate grilling menu, complete with appetizers, sides, and dessert—and some drinks of course!


Fika: the Swedish Coffee Break

This little coffee break that we’ve come to know as fika is one of the most quintessential Swedish traditions. Whether doing fika alone or with friends, at home or in the office, the most important thing is that everyone enjoy it at least once during the day. Read on to discover what local Swedes enjoy during their own fika coffee breaks.

Swedish Kladdkaka

Swedish Kladdkaka

Kladdkaka (a literal translation of sticky cake in Swedish) is one of the most popular accompaniments to the traditional fika coffee break. True to its name, kladdkaka is crisp on the outside and almost runny on the inside.

Liss Ellas

Liss Ellas and Their Award-Winning Mustard from Sweden

No wonder everyone loves the mustard from the Sweden Box: husband and wife duo Olle and Liss Ellas are obsessed with mustard and know everything about it. From selecting the particular variety of seeds they harvest to preparing the condiment with the right blend of seasonings, it’s their incredible attention to detail that makes Liss Ellas mustard so special. Here’s the story behind the brand.