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Sweet Mustard and Greens Grilled Cheese

Sweet Mustard and Greens Grilled Cheese

An indulgent combination of sweet mustard, garlic, broccoli rabe, and provolone, this grilled cheese might just become your new favorite. Be sure you don’t skimp on the balsamic at the end—it adds wonderful flavor to this fantastic sandwich!

Gooey Swedish Fudge Cookies

Gooey Fudge Cookies

This classic cookie recipe has a little surprise when you bite inside: a delicious, melted fudge center. In case you’ve run out of fudge, feel free to swap the filling with any other. Our favorites include jam, chocolate, peanut butter, or fruit paste.

Swedish Chocolate Cookie Milkshakes

Swedish Chocolate Cookie Milkshakes

Imagine your classic cookies and cream milkshake, but better. That’s right! We said it, and we dare you to try it. With Gille’s double chocolate crips from the Sweden Box, these milkshakes are absolutely irresistible.

Tallegio and Lingonberry Grilled Cheese

Lingonberry Grilled Cheese

Blending pungent and creamy Taleggio cheese with tart lingonberry preserves from the Sweden Box between crisp sourdough bread, there’s one thing we know for sure: this sandwich doesn’t even come close to your typical grilled cheese.


We All Scream for Ice Cream: National Ice Cream Day

Happy National Ice Cream Day! To celebrate this most glorious occasion, we’re making ice cream sundaes with toppings from our boxes. Just pick your favorite ice cream flavor as a base and mix and match toppings using the suggestion below.


Fika: the Swedish Coffee Break

This little coffee break that we’ve come to know as fika is one of the most quintessential Swedish traditions. Whether doing fika alone or with friends, at home or in the office, the most important thing is that everyone enjoy it at least once during the day. Read on to discover what local Swedes enjoy during their own fika coffee breaks.

Liss Ellas

Liss Ellas and Their Award-Winning Mustard from Sweden

No wonder everyone loves the mustard from the Sweden Box: husband and wife duo Olle and Liss Ellas are obsessed with mustard and know everything about it. From selecting the particular variety of seeds they harvest to preparing the condiment with the right blend of seasonings, it’s their incredible attention to detail that makes Liss Ellas mustard so special. Here’s the story behind the brand.