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Carménère Granola from Chile

This homemade granola recipe features Carménère wine jelly from the Chile Box. It’s an excellent choice for everything, from a nutrient-packed breakfast to a midday snack.

Un Brin Sauvage

Meet the Maker: Un Brin Sauvage, France

Lucie Peltier, the founder of Un Brin Sauvage, is passionate about two things: cooking and plants. This expertise in the kitchen and garden led her to found her own herb and spice blend company in the picturesque region of Mont Saint-Michel on the northern-western coast of France. Here, Peltier talks to Try The World about blending spices in her kitchen, working long hours in restaurants, and her plans to grow herbs in her own backyard.


Meet the Maker: Tillmans, Sweden

It’s no surprise that Tillmans elderflower saft is one of our favorites from the Sweden Box: sweet, floral, and incredibly versatile, the syrup is a delicious addition to so many of our favorite summer drinks. And the story of Tillmans is just as fascinating as the syrup itself. Here, the founder tells us about how it all started.


Meet the Maker: Chiwadi from Thailand

Sarapee Yuadyong is an impressive woman: after almost 30 years in the workforce, she searched for her calling and found a way to help struggling locals in Thailand. Here, Yuadyong talks to Try The World about Chiwadi’s coconut flower syrup, the inspiration behind the project, and how she makes it all happen.