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Dijon Château

Dijon: A City and Its Mustard

The jar of mustard in your cabinet may seem mundane, but the little seeds it was made from have played a far-reaching role in world history. They were once used for culinary and medicinal purposes by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, and Romans, and even make an appearance in the Old Testament. So, given just how commonplace mustard has been in so many cultures, how did Dijon, France become the mustard capital of the world?

Mustard Seeds

8 Medicinal Benefits of Mustard You Never Knew About

Not only is mustard an incredibly diverse condiment that’s delicious in countless dishes and preparations, but it’s also full of healthful compounds that can alleviate and prevent many ailments. Now the Liss Ellas mustard from the Sweden Box tastes that much more delicious!