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Harissa Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary with Harissa

Harissa can take something familiar to a whole new place—and with very good reason. This Bloody Mary is one of the most popular cocktails at curating chef Mourad Lahlou’s San Francisco restaurant called Aziza.

Mint Lemon Verbena Tisane

Mint and Lemon Verbena Tisane

This light, fresh herbal infusion is one of several that curating chef Mourad Lahlou serves at his popular San Francisco restaurant called Aziza. It’s best made in a clear glass teapot (the kind that has a central infusion chamber), because it allows you to see how dark the brew is getting.


7 Things to Know about Morocco

Did you know that in Morocco, the liver is a symbol of love? Or that it’s home to the world’s oldest university?

Moroccan Harissa

15 Ways to Use Harissa

In case you haven’t finished your Pikarome jar from the Morocco Box, or just need some kitchen inspiration, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started.


4 Other Tagine and Couscous Variations to Try

Once you’ve mastered the traditional Moroccan tagine and couscous recipe, it’s easy to swap ingredients and create new takes on the classic—including vegetarian variations! Check out our suggestions here.

Chicken Couscous

Traditional Moroccan Tagine with Couscous

Tagine is an aromatic, comforting recipe from north Africa made with stewed meat and vegetables, and traditionally served with couscous. For this recipe, we feature three great products from the Morocco Box.