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Mont Saint-Michel

“La Mère Poulard” and her Savoir Faire

The rich butter cookies by La Mère Poulard in the France Box have a beautiful story behind them. Years ago on the historic coast of northwest France, a woman named Annette Poulard had a dilemma at her inn…

Dijon Château

Dijon: A City and Its Mustard

The jar of mustard in your cabinet may seem mundane, but the little seeds it was made from have played a far-reaching role in world history. They were once used for culinary and medicinal purposes by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, and Romans, and even make an appearance in the Old Testament. So, given just how commonplace mustard has been in so many cultures, how did Dijon, France become the mustard capital of the world?

Dala Horse

The Dala Horse: A Swedish Tradition

Why is there a horse on the cover of this month’s Culture Guide? The answer is the Dala horse, a characteristically Swedish handicraft. Known for preserving and celebrating their heritage, the Swedish love for tradition extends far beyond the kitchen. The Dala horse is one of the most prominent examples.


Piri Piri: A Pepper’s Journey

Like a culinary Odysseus, the piri piri pepper has travelled far and wide, making its way from medicinal plant to star of Paladin’s piri piri hot sauce, a quintessentially Portuguese condiment. As with each item in the Portugal Box, there’s quite a story behind the flavor.

Briosa Gourmet

The Portuguese Azulejo

To the Try the World subscribers who’ve hesitated to open Briosa Gourmet’s canned seafood for fear of ruining the beautiful wrapping: please, go ahead and eat. Here is a history of the hydraulic tiles that inspire Briosa Gourmet’s packaging.


10 French Foods to Eat this Mardi Gras

What’s not to love about Mardi Gras? Over the years, one thing has remained true: it’s a great time to indulge. If you’d like to go beyond the traditional Mardi Gras fare of beignets and King Cake, try these delicious treats from France, the home of this lavish holiday.