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Mustard Field

10 Things You Never Knew About Mustard

Mustard is so much more than a condiment for hotdogs or an ingredient for marinades; it’s a relic of history, tradition, and culinary heritage throughout the world. Swedes are obsessed with mustard, so it comes to no surprise that the Liss Ellas mustard from the Sweden Box is so incredible. Here’s a rundown of everything you never knew about mustard.

Saft Drink

How to Cook with Saft

One of the favorites from the Sweden Box, Tillmans’ elderflower saft syrup is an incredible addition to so many drinks, whether simple spritzers or elaborate cocktails. But even more than that, saft works well in other preparations, too.


International Celebrations of Mother’s Day

Read about the most interesting and endearing Mother’s Day traditions from around the world. Who knows! Maybe next year you’ll organize a Mexican-themed Mother’s Day and hire a mariachi band instead of taking Mom out to brunch.

Honey Bee

The Best Ways to Use Honey

Casa da Prisca’s honey from the Portugal Box is smooth and floral—and delicious with so much more than tea and yogurt! Plus, honey is full of incredible health benefits. If you’re looking for ideas to empty that jar from the box, read on for inspiration. We can all benefit from more honey in our lives.

Casa Lucena

4 Ways to Enjoy Casa Lucena Cookies

Committed to preserving the culinary traditions of Portugal, Casa Lucena specializes in making olive oil, honey, jam, salt, and—of course—cookies according to old, Portuguese recipes. We love eating them straight from the box, but they’re also a versatile ingredient in many dishes. We spoke to Priska Hirschmugl Lucena, the company’s founder, who gave us a few ideas.

Casa da Prisca

Meet the Maker: Casa da Prisca from our Portugal Box

Casa da Prisca specializes in producing the same culinary specialties that the company’s founders grew up to know and love over four generations ago. Here, the company tells us about their origins in sausage-making and how they’ve become one of the premier producers of Portuguese culinary specialities.