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Wine Glasses

6 Rules to Live by in Italy

Planning a trip to Italy anytime soon? Before you go, be sure to brush up on some essential Italian etiquette. You wouldn’t want to stand out as the obnoxious American tourist, now would you?

Jupiter Moon

3 Ways Italy Changed the World

There’s a lot more to Italy than delicious food and beautiful landscapes—it turns out that we have Italy to thank for some of the most important inventions of the world! Here are three that are sure to impress.

5 Fun Things to Know About Your Italy Box

The Italy Box may just be our best box yet—we love Italian cuisine, and the incredible products in the box are a testament to this country’s quality craftsmanship. Here’s a look at the featured items, plus 6 essential things you must know about them.

Salumi Salad

Italian Salumi Salad with Arugula

Fresh ingredients are key to living what Italians call la vita dolce (the good life), and this dish encompasses it perfectly: made with just cured meats, fresh arugula, olive oil, and the incredible balsamic vinegar from the Italy Box, this salumi salad is as good as it gets.

Watch Laura Vitale Make Pasta

Watch Laura Vitale Make Pepper and Onion Pesto Pasta

Watch Laura Vitale, the Italian-American YouTube sensation and curator of the Italy Box, make a simple, vegetarian pasta dish with the pesto featured in the Italy Box. We know what we’re making for dinner tonight!

Cacio e Pepe

Papardelle Cacio e Pepe

The name of this pasta dish is a literal translation of its two most important ingredients: cheese and pepper. This version is even richer with a truffle zest garnish.

Italian Restaurant

15 Dishes You Love that Aren’t Actually Italian

Checkered tablecloths, strong accents, and even stronger wine—Americans are quite familiar with the setting of their local Italian restaurant. But is this depiction authentic? As it turns out, many of our beloved Italian dishes aren’t actually Italian. Here’s a list of dishes you’re surely familiar with, but won’t find in any restaurants in Italy.