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We All Scream for Ice Cream: National Ice Cream Day

Happy National Ice Cream Day! To celebrate this most glorious occasion, we’re making ice cream sundaes with toppings from our boxes. Just pick your favorite ice cream flavor as a base and mix and match toppings using the suggestion below.


Meet the Maker: Charles Antona’s Jam, France

The Charles Antona jam from the France Box is so much more than a simple fruit spread for breakfast toast. It’s a symbol of Corsican expertise and culinary know-how. Read on to learn about how the company’s founder first created the recipes—and participated in the transformation of the agricultural industry of this picturesque island.

Un Brin Sauvage

Meet the Maker: Un Brin Sauvage, France

Lucie Peltier, the founder of Un Brin Sauvage, is passionate about two things: cooking and plants. This expertise in the kitchen and garden led her to found her own herb and spice blend company in the picturesque region of Mont Saint-Michel on the northern-western coast of France. Here, Peltier talks to Try The World about blending spices in her kitchen, working long hours in restaurants, and her plans to grow herbs in her own backyard.

Christophe Schmitt

Meet the Chef: Christophe Schmitt, France

Curating chef of the France Box Christophe Schmitt is an acclaimed chef who’s best known for his achievements at Michelin-starred Le Diane in Paris. Here, he talks to Try The World about his new venture in the south of France.