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Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde: Portuguese Soup with Kale

Caldo Verde (literally translated as “green soup”) is every Portuguese mother and grandmother’s secret remedy for the common cold. However, you don’t need to be under the weather to enjoy this delicious soup featuring sausage, kale, and the piri piri hot sauce from the Portugal Box.

Potato and Salt Cod Casserole

Potato and Codfish Casserole

This is a versatile dish that can be served as a side, a main, or for brunch. The recipe here calls for the canned codfish from the Portugal Box, but it works well with any other type of fish as well.


Sausage and Chickpea Stew

Grao-de-Bico is a traditional stew-like dish made with fresh chickpeas and, oftentimes, cow’s feet! This version, made with pork sausage and canned chickpeas instead, is a lot more accessible than the traditional version.

Briosa Gourmet

The Portuguese Azulejo

To the Try the World subscribers who’ve hesitated to open Briosa Gourmet’s canned seafood for fear of ruining the beautiful wrapping: please, go ahead and eat. Here is a history of the hydraulic tiles that inspire Briosa Gourmet’s packaging.

Ameijoas à Bulhão

Steamed Clams

Similar to the French Moules Marinière, this Portuguese version of the dish uses steamed clams, a lot of cilantro, and a popular Portuguese wine called Vinho Verde.

Duck Toast with Onion Jam

Duck Toast with Caramelized Onions

Sweet and rich in flavor, the caramelized onions from the Portugal Box are a delicious pairing with savory foods. One of the most popular ways to eat in Portugal is with charcuterie or pâté. This simple recipe elevates a basic pâté toast with the simple addition of the onions from the box.

Frango Piri Piri

Grilled Chicken with Piri Piri

That spicy piri piri sauce from the Portugal Box makes an excellent marinade for all types of meat. This version, called “Frango Piri Piri,” is a popular, fast-casual grilled dish, and it’ll leave your mouth burning—in a good way.

Broiled and Crusted Codfish

Broiled and Crusted Codfish

This dish, made with fresh cod and the codfish seasoning from the Portugal Box, is not only an impressive centerpiece to your dinner table, but packed with flavor and easy to make.

Curried Fish Cakes

Curried Fish Cakes

Every city has it’s own street food: New York has sweet peanuts and hot dogs. Rio de Janeiro its signature popcorn. Paris its crêpes. In Thailand, it’s fish cakes that street vendors sell on every corner. Here, Matt Powell incorporates Nittaya’s curry paste into the basic recipe to make an appetizer that’s bursting with flavor.