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Our 6 Favorite Swedish Recipes: From You!

From epic desserts to full-on smörgåsbords, our community delivered incredible recipes from the Sweden Box that left us completely speechless! Sweden has been our sweetest month yet, and we are so proud to present our 6 favorite recipes straight from our awesome community!

Iguazu Falls

14 Interesting Facts about Brazil

Brazil is the most populated country in South America and perhaps one of the most diverse. A true melting pot of people from all over the world and of different cultural backgrounds—from the Amazon to Japan and everything in between—Brazilian culture is lively and full of wonderful food, music, and energy. Here are 14 facts about this great country that are sure to blow your mind—and whet your appetite for the Brazilian foods from the box.

Samantha Schroeder

Try The World Stories: A Foreign Policy Francophile

Try The World is about exploring the world through food. It’s also about bringing people together and learning about new cultures. This month, Try The World’s Dalanee Hester speaks to a former Francophile and newly converted Spainophile who shares our obsession with Anthony Bourdain and an expertly curated pantry.

Pumpkin Hazelnut Stuffed French Toast

Our 7 Favorite Portuguese Recipes—from You!

What an incredible two months of Portuguese cuisine! Here at Try The World, one of our most favorite things to see is how you use your box. Between comforting breakfast foods to satisfying mains, or upgrades on classic dishes to delicious appetizers, we’re always impressed and inspired with your creativity in the kitchen. Here’s a look at some of our favorites this month.