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Fig Croissants

Fig Jam Croissants

On the count of three, think of a French food. One… two… three! You thought of a croissant, didn’t you? We certainly did. Making puff pastry from scratch doesn’t always fit into any normal schedule, so here’s an easier recipe that calls for just three ingredients.

Tomato Water Soba Noodles

Tomato Water Soba Noodle

To make this fresh, Italian-inspired Japanese noodle dish, Chef Chris Jaeckle makes a savory broth with tomato water and olive oil

Scallop Ceviche: Before and After

Scallop Ceviche

Curing raw bay scallops in citrus makes for a delicate and remarkably fresh start to the meal. House Foods ginger paste, reminiscent of sashimi and sushi condiments, lends a bright note to the dish.

Easy Vegetable Tagine

Easy Vegetable Tagine

Chef Hamid’s foolproof recipe incorporates the traditional caramelized onion topping called ta faya.