Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Spain!

This month, we’re traveling to Europe and the Iberian Peninsula to discover Spain! A country rich in culture, flavor, and flair, Spain’s best-known dishes are famous for incorporating local ingredients with foreign influences and flavors. Try The World’s Spain Box, curated by Chef Jamie Bissonnette, offers an incredible glimpse into this country’s delicious cuisine. Start your subscription here!

Spain Box
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What’s in the Spain Box?


From cinnamon cookies and orange blossom jam to tumaca sauce and paprika, the products in the Spain Box will give you the chance to experience the flavors of the Iberian Peninsula without having to set foot out the door. Filled with small batch pantry staples and local favorites, this box is the perfect glimpse into this Spain’s incredible culinary heritage.

Spain Box
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How to Use Your Spain Box

This box is inspired by Spain’s vibrant late-night dining scene. Begin your experience with a selection of tapas: Patatas Bravas,  Pan con Tomate, and Gambas al Pimentón. Follow these up with a shareable Paella Valenciana, featuring both meat and seafood for a delectable surf and turf combination. End your experience with a luscious Crema Catalana, paired with the sweets from your box.

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The Culture Guide includes these recipes along with fun cultural facts about Spain so you can explore the country and all its wonders.

©Jamie Bissonnette

About the Curating Chef, Jamie Bissonnette

Jamie Bissonnette isn’t a typical chef—and that’s why people love him. In high school, he was a hardcore, fist-slinging punk musician from Hartford, Connecticut who couldn’t find much in the way of good food unless he made it himself.

Today, he’s a star tapas chef and an expert in nose-to-tail cuisine. For more cool stories, check out our interview with him here!

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