Our 7 Favorite Thai Recipes Made by Our Community

It’s only been two weeks since we left Thailand, and we already miss the delicious foods from our boxes! If you’re still looking for ways to use up leftovers, or are feeling nostalgic for the exotic flavors of this country, here are some of the most inventive (and delicious!) works of culinary delights that our subscribers put together with their Thailand Boxes. Take a glance at these appetizing photos—you might even wind up making one of them for dinner tonight!

@yeeshbirch puts a fancy spin on Thai green curry by adding it to some crab! With a side of Jasberry rice, of course.

@meganeileen15 knows that the secret to a great Instagram pic is the presentation. She topped her red curry with red bell pepper and some fresh basil.

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Good afternoon, lovely people! 🌞 So I'm treating myself to a bit of a fancier lunch today using a bunch of ingredients from my Thailand box from @trytheworld! 🇨🇷 This is a humongous rice bowl, with sautéed onions, broccoli, & choy sum, roasted Rosemary sweet potato fries, chickpeas, avocado, organic tofu puffs, sushi nori, scallions, & purple Jasberry rice straight from Thailand! I squeezed a lime over the top & served it with Thai pandan rice crackers & a steamin' cuppa matcha tea! 🍠🍙🍵 I haven't been this full in a million years, holy moly… But I absolutely devoured this 😍 The Jasberry rice was exquisite! Honestly, it tasted a bit like raspberries! Just a hint! Pure, unprocessed, non-GMO, full of antioxidants, & a practically brand new species of rice all together! So magical 😛💜 I am so happy I'm getting these boxes from Try the World so I can try all these amazing foods!! 😁 If you're interested in trying exotic foods like this Jasberry Rice & the pandan rice crackers, head over to their site & get yourself a box or subscription! BONUS: use this code to get $15 off–"STONEBRAKER15". 💸 Have an awesome Saturday, friends! #nom #lunch #picoftheday #f52grams #sushibowl #glutenfree #nongmo #feedfeed #ricebowl #recipe #matcha #raw #jasberry #jasberryrice #foodblognation #hautecuisines #trytheworld #veganlunch #matchatea #TTWrecipe #thailandbox

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@sarndilia does a rice bowl right! She topped a bowl of Jasberry rice from the Thailand Box with a ton of veggies. It’s healthy and pretty!

@jul3s88 proves that smoothie bowls are the prettiest way to eat. She topped hers with some dried coconut from the Thailand box.

@yagodka cooked up a giant bowl of green curry with chicken, rice, and fresh veggies and finished it off with some Chaidim lemongrass tea.

@natattack_23’s food is fun! Especially when coconut flower syrup and Disney is involved.

@perfectstormbff’s Jasberry rice pudding gets a colorful twist with a topping of fresh kiwis.

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