Our 6 Favorite Swedish Recipes: From You!

From epic desserts to full-on smörgåsbords, our community delivered incredible recipes from the Sweden Box that left us completely speechless! Sweden has been our sweetest month yet, and we are so proud to present our 6 favorite recipes straight from our awesome community!

Swede-ify your sundae with melted Nordic Fudge and Gille cookies like @tasteoftheplace.

@sarndilia topped her family-approved veggie burgers with Liss Ellas sweet and hot mustard.

@kenishes shows off a true smörgåsbord!

@meganeileen15 enjoyed her dinner with a beautiful elderflower drink.

@crushnitfoodie is giving Sweden Box curator Chef Emma Bengtsson a run for her money with these drool-worthy dumplings!

We are giving @piratefog an A+ for adding some Liss Ellas mustard to the mix!

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