4 Fun Facts about the Morocco Box

The Morocco Box is an homage to the sights, sounds, and flavors of this North African nation. Read ahead to learn some little-known facts behind the Moroccan staples that make up your box.

Morocco Box
© Daeun Janet

1. Couscous dates back to the 9th century. 

Couscous made its first appearance in the written record in a cookbook from the 13th century, but archeologists have found evidence of the tools used to make it dating back to the 9th!

2. You can use orange blossom water to clean your home.

That’s right! Orange blossom water isn’t just a fragrant and floral addition to drinks and dessert; it’s also a useful tool around the house! Add just a few drops to your bath or hand lotion, or spritz through a spray bottle to freshen a room.

3. Anise seed has been used as a powerful herbal remedy since the 14th century.

Anise can help clear congestion, soothe stomach aches, reduce coughing, improve sleeplessness, and more.

4. The Moroccan mint tea tradition has roots in China.

Moroccan mint tea is made with fresh mint grown in Morocco and green tea from China.

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