Rose-Scented Limeade

Rose-Scented Limeade

Citron Pressé is the French version of lemonade, a DYI type of beverage where café patrons are presented with ice water, lemon, and sugar, and invited to make their own mixture at the table. Here, we take the labor out of the drink and add a floral note.

Saft Gin & Tonic

Saft Gin & Tonic

The floral notes of saft combine beautifully with the herbal sweetness of gin, and fresh mint turns this cocktail into a truly noteworthy alternative to the usual gin and tonic.

Licorice-Infused Vodka Cocktail

Aquavit is vodka infused with aromatic spices and fruit. Here, curating chef Emma Bengtsson infuses vodka with licorice from the Sweden Box.

Berry Crush

Saft Berry Crush

Filled with plenty of fresh fruit, crushes are easy cocktails to make—and deliciously summery. In this cocktail, we mixed strawberries and blackberries with Tillman’s saft from the Sweden Box. Feel free to swap out other types of fruit as well.

Thai Iced Boba Tea

Thai Iced Bubble Tea

This variation on Thai iced tea incorporates the same gummy tapioca pearls that bubble tea is so famous for. Sweetened with Chiwadi’s coconut flower syrup, it makes for a sweet and refreshing drink. Look for tapioca pearls at Asian grocery stores.

Rum Cha-Yen

Rum Cha-Yen: Spiked Thai Iced-Tea

A boozy version of traditional Thai iced tea, Rum Cha-Yen calls for infusing Thai Tea Leaves directly into rum, making the tea flavor even more concentrated.

Açaí Caipirhina

Açaí Caipirinha

This Brazilian-inspired cocktail is sweetened with Bazzar’s açaí dessert sauce. Fruity and refreshing, Açaí Caipirinha is a gentle reminder of the upcoming summer months we’re all looking forward to. Make a larger batch to serve at a your New Year’s party later this month!

Sherry Flip

Sherry Flip

While brainstorming with Cervantes Ramirez of New York City bar The Ship, Powell created a series of cocktails using the Spanish fortified wine Sherry. This one incorporates an egg yolk to create what’s known in bar speak as a flip.

Ginger Tisane

Ginger Tisane

Ginger is known for its restorative and medicinal properties. This tisane, or an infusion of herbs and spices, is a perfect nightcap or cure for an upset stomach