5 Adventurous Dried Apricot Recipes

Whether you say “a-pricot” or “ah-pricot”, you’ve undoubtedly tasted an apricot in your lifetime. While it’s maybe not the best idea to gift your sweetheart a bouquet of apricots, these juicy delights are actually members of the rose family, along with apples, peaches, strawberries, and almonds. So, next time you’re trying to impress, instead of roses, why not win that special someone over with one of these five delicious apricot recipes we’ve rounded up?

6 Ways to Use Wine Jelly Beyond a Cheese Board

This post highlights the wine jelly from the Chile Box and inspires you to go beyond cheese boards. Wine jelly tastes great with an array of dishes, from cream cheese dip to lamb chops.

Red Tea and Berry Panna Cotta

With a light, warm hue because of the red tea leaves, this panna cotta is a surefire winner at any dinner party. This recipe was specially made by curating chef Carolina Bazán and features the tea, wine jelly, and olive oil in the Chile Box.

Orange and Date Baklava

We’ve collaborated again with one of our favorite meal delivery services – HelloFresh – and this time, we’re bringing you a delicious holiday dessert.

Coffee Flan

Coffee Flan

Rich and creamy with a subtle coffee flavor, this Peruvian-style flan is an update on the traditional recipe. Be sure to refrigerate immediately afterwards in order ensure the best consistency.


Brambleberry Jam Turnovers

Warm turnovers simply spell holiday cheer. With a combination of gooey cream cheese and tart bramble jam, ours pair wonderfully with milk or hot cocoa.


Date and Honey Tart Recipe

A great option for dessert, this sweet tart is made with the Yoffi date spread from our Holiday Box: Michelin Edition.


Frozen Lemon “Soufflé”

Simpler than a traditional souffle, but with all of the flavor! The contrast of the sweet, soft “souffle” with the sweetened berries and the crisp shortbread is irresistible. Use whatever berries you have on hand.

Dulce de Leche Shortbread Sandwiches

Dulce de Leche Cookies

With only three ingredients, this sandwich cookie is the easiest and most satisfying treat to make. Sea salt sprinkled into the dulce de leche makes it absolutely irresistible!

Rice Pudding

Orange Blossom Rice Pudding

Creamy and sweet, there’s nothing quite as comforting as rice pudding. This one is made with the orange blossom water from the Morocco Box, which adds a delicate floral flavor.