Carménère Granola from Chile

This homemade granola recipe features Carménère wine jelly from the Chile Box. It’s an excellent choice for everything, from a nutrient-packed breakfast to a midday snack.


Brambleberry Jam Turnovers

Warm turnovers simply spell holiday cheer. With a combination of gooey cream cheese and tart bramble jam, ours pair wonderfully with milk or hot cocoa.

Kefta Meatball Tagine

Kefta Meatball Tagine from Morocco

A technique named for the earthen pottery in which you cook it, tagine dates back as far as 1,001 Nights. This recipe, spiked with the kefta spice blend from the Morocco Box, is one of our favorites.

Banana-Coco Nut Butter Toast

Banana-Coco Nut Butter Toast

With tropical flair and energy-boosting chia seeds, this open-faced sandwich is the perfect breakfast to get you up and going in the morning.

Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana: Spanish Creme Brulee

Crema Catalana is a Catalonian dessert, and the crème brulée-like crust is typically made with a spiral iron. But you can just as easily use a broiler.

Tumaca Grilled Cheese

Tumaca Sauce Grilled Cheese

Made with fresh oregano, soft Manchego, bright red onion, and tumaca sauce from the Spain Box, this grilled cheese is bursting with fresh Spanish flavor.