South America


Brigadeiro: Brazilian Chocolate Truffles

Brigadeiro is one of the most common desserts in Brazil—they’re served and sold in almost every restaurant, store, and home! Similar to a chocolate truffle, brigadeiro is also incredibly sweet and coated with chocolate sprinkles. Use the traditional topping or our suggestions below to to make your own beautiful—and delicious—array of sweets at home.

Skewers with Churrasco Sauce

Chicken and Beef Churrasco

If there’s one thing Brazilians are crazy about, it’s churrasco, the famous Brazilian barbecue, in which locals cook assorted meats served with a host of sides. In honor of hot summer days, follow this recipe to make your own at home.

Brazil Box

Our Next Destination: Welcome to Brazil!

It’s official: summer is in full swing! And with the arrival of summer comes outdoor barbecues and grilling parties. Just in time for grilling season, were happy to announce the release of our Brazil Box today! Here’s the scoop, plus a link to subscribe if you haven’t already.

Açaí Caipirhina

Açaí Caipirinha

This Brazilian-inspired cocktail is sweetened with Bazzar’s açaí dessert sauce. Fruity and refreshing, Açaí Caipirinha is a gentle reminder of the upcoming summer months we’re all looking forward to. Make a larger batch to serve at a your New Year’s party later this month!

Pavê de Geléia

Pavê de Geléia

In this Brazilian dessert similar to Italian tiramisu, butter cookies are layered with cream and the indulgent açaí dessert sauce from the Special Edition Holiday Box. While Pavê de Geléia is traditionally made with strawberry jam, we’re partial to this version with açaí that’s even sweeter than the classic.

Açaí Cookies

Açaí Ribbon Cookies

Tempting sweets during the holiday season give us every excuse to indulge, and these cookies are no exception. Like thumbprint cookies, they are filled with a fruity filling that’s added into the cookie after it bakes.

Urban Argentina

Photo Book: Urban Argentina

Known for its vibrant energy and cosmopolitan culture, Buenos Aires is a melting pot of European sensibility and Latin vigor.

Quince Paste Cheesecake

Quince Paste Cheesecake

This cheesecake featuring the quince paste from your Argentina box is much easier to make than traditional cheesecake, but just as delicious.

Gaucho Grilling

Gaucho Grilling: Asado 101

If there’s one thing every visitor wants to experience most during their visit, it’s an authentic Argentinian asado.