Meet the Maker: Charles Antona, France

The Charles Antona jam from the France Box is so much more than a simple fruit spread for breakfast toast. It’s a symbol of Corsican expertise and culinary know-how. Read on to learn about how the company’s founder first created the recipes—and participated in the transformation of the agricultural industry of this picturesque island.

Hugo's Video

Behind the Box: From Paris to France with Try The World’s Chief Product Officer

The France Box has been with Try The World since the very beginning: close to three years ago, it was called the Paris Box and sold out within the first two days of its release! This month, we’re bringing it back by popular demand, and though it’s now called the France Box, it’s filled with the same incredible items you know and love! Here, Try The World’s Chief Product Officer Hugo Facchin tells the story of the box and what you can look forward to finding inside.

Christophe Schmitt

Meet the Chef: Christophe Schmitt, France

Curator of the France Box Chef Christophe Schmitt is an acclaimed French chef who’s best known for his achievements at Le Diane, where he led the restaurant to a highly acclaimed Michelin star. He’s cooked in a multitude of restaurants throughout the country and garnered praise at each establishment. Here, he talks to Try The World about his new venture in the south of France and his path to becoming an acclaimed French cook.

How to Make Butter

How to Make Fresh Butter

You may remember learning to make butter in a jar as a child. This updated version in a stand-mixer requires far less exertion. Add a touch of fleur de sel finishing salt at the end, and this butter is the perfect accompaniment for fresh breads.

Maison d'Armorine

Meet the Maker: the Story of Maison d’Armorine’s Caramels

Enraptured by the caramels in the France Box? So are we! 70 years after it’s founding on the western coast of France, Maison d’Armorine is one of the best-loved confectionery companies in the country. Here, we speak to the team at Maison d’Armorine about the company’s beginnings after WWII as a seaside treat and a curious lollipop called the niniche.

Classic French Crêpes

Classic French Crêpes with Jam

What hot dog stands are to New York, crêpe stands are to Paris. They’re everywhere! With this simple recipe, you can bring these iconic Parisian crêpe stands home. Plus, the batter keeps well in the fridge for several days, so you don’t have to make them all at once.