Hugo's Video

Behind the Box: From Paris to France with Try The World’s Chief Product Officer

The France Box has been with Try The World since the very beginning: close to three years ago, it was called the Paris Box and sold out within the first two days of its release! This month, we’re bringing it back by popular demand, and though it’s now called the France Box, it’s filled with the same incredible items you know and love! Here, Try The World’s Chief Product Officer Hugo Facchin tells the story of the box and what you can look forward to finding inside.

Christophe Schmitt

Meet the Chef: Christophe Schmitt, France

Curating chef of the France Box Christophe Schmitt is an acclaimed chef who’s best known for his achievements at Michelin-starred Le Diane in Paris. Here, he talks to Try The World about his new venture in the south of France.

15 Ways to Use Chestnut Cream

The Clément Faugier chestnut cream from the France Box is a versatile indulgence that can be prepared in more ways than we can count! Plus, the tube it’s packed in makes it incredibly easy to use. In case you’re struggling to finish yours off, we’ve got plenty of ideas to inspire you in the kitchen.

Croque Madame

Croque Madame: Grilled Cheese with an Egg on Top

The Croque Madame, and its many variations, makes for a popular and quick snack. Originating somewhere around the early 1900s, it incorporates one of the five mother sauces of French cooking: béchamel. This recipe has a slight twist on the classic.

Eggs Benedict

Mother Sauces 101: The Secret to French Cuisine

What would our favorite Eggs Benedict be without hollandaise sauce? While they’d still be pretty darn delicious, they wouldn’t be the brunch staple that we’ve come to love and look forward to eating every Sunday. This familiar hollandaise, along with four other classics, is known as one of the five “mother sauces” that form one of the building blocks of French cuisine.

France Teatime

Back by Popular Demand: The France Box is Here!

It’s a big day for Try The World: the flagship box is back! When it was first created over three years ago, the Paris Box sold out within the first two days of it’s release, and customer feedback about it was incredible. It’s been a subscriber favorite since the very beginning! Thanks to your praise, we’re bringing this same box—now renamed the France Box—back so you can experience the incredible cuisine of France once again. Here’s a look at what’s inside.