Meet the Maker: Chiwadi from Thailand

Sarapee Yuadyong is an impressive woman: after almost 30 years in the workforce, she searched for her calling and found a way to help struggling locals in Thailand. Here, Yuadyong talks to Try The World about Chiwadi’s coconut flower syrup, the inspiration behind the project, and how she makes it all happen.

Rum Cha-Yen

Rum Cha-Yen: Spiked Thai Iced-Tea

A boozy version of traditional Thai iced tea, Rum Cha-Yen calls for infusing Thai Tea Leaves directly into rum, making the tea flavor even more concentrated.

Regional Flavors of Thailand

Regional Flavors of Thailand

While most are familiar with the picturesque beaches and islands of southern Thailand, this remarkable country is a lot more diverse than you’d expect. Here,, an online resource for travelers to Thailand, tells us what makes this country’s four main regions so special.

Coconut Custard Cakes

Thai Coconut Custard Cakes

Hillary Reeves creatively combines Chiwadi’s coconut flower syrup and Virgin Coco’s crispy rolls (both from the Thailand Box) to create simple, satisfying custards. Make sure to plan on making these in advance, as they require 3 hours chilling time in the refrigerator.

Green Curry Chicken

Green Curry Chicken

Using Nittaya’s green curry paste, curator of the Thailand Box Chef Jet Tila makes a simple soup that’s filling enough to serve on its own. Swap out chicken for beef or shrimp for an alternate version that’s just as good as the original.

Thailand Dinner

5 New Ways to Use Curry Paste

Warm and flavorful, Thai curry dishes are invariably comforting. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Nittaya’s curry paste from the Thailand Box, consider using it in other ways that go beyond the basic curry dish. We’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started.

Pork, Rice, and Coriander Soup

Pork, Rice, and Coriander Soup

Using the Jasberry rice from the Thailand Box, this traditional Thai soup takes on a distinct dark-purple hue. Brightly flavored with lime juice, the taste stands in stark contrast to the color.