Kiwi Splash with Thai Lime Leaves

Fresh kiwi and herbs, along with fizzy tonic, combine to create a beautifully vibrant and refreshing summer cocktail that is especially delicious on a bright, sunny day.

Thai Vegetable Curry

Thai Vegetable Curry

Serves: 4  • Time: 20 minutes In this Thai vegetable curry recipe, Laurel Stonebraker combines Nittaya red curry paste from the Thailand Box with fresh vegetables to create a versatile dish that is satisfying, filling, and healthful. Plus, it’s entirely dairy free! Still want to subscribe and receive your own boxes at home? For a limited […]

Rice Bowl

Our 7 Favorite Thai Recipes Made by Our Community

It’s only been two weeks since we left Thailand, and we already miss the delicious foods from our boxes! Take a glance at these appetizing photos from Try The World subscribers—you might even wind up making one of them for dinner tonight!

Coconut Flower Syrup

7 Uses for Coconut Flower Syrup

Chiwadi’s coconut flower syrup from the Thailand Box is a delicious—and organic!—honey-like sweetener. We love using it to sweeten tea, but it’s also delicious in a variety of other preparations. Read on for a few suggestions.

Chef Jet Tila Shows You How to Make Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup is a quintessential Thai dish. The Thailand Box includes an easy-to-make set that curating chef Jet Tila transforms into a filling main. After watching him make it here, you’ll be ready to tackle your own at home.

Curried Fish Cakes

Curried Fish Cakes

Every city has it’s own street food: New York has sweet peanuts and hot dogs. Rio de Janeiro its signature popcorn. Paris its crêpes. In Thailand, it’s fish cakes that street vendors sell on every corner. Here, Matt Powell incorporates Nittaya’s curry paste into the basic recipe to make an appetizer that’s bursting with flavor.

Jasberry Rice

Meet the Maker: Jasberry Rice, Thailand

Jasberry is a brand new, organically-grown strain of rice that was developed by two, young entrepreneurs. Here, Try The World Box Manager Lillian Lin speaks to the founders about how they took Jasberry rice from a simple research specimen to one of the most popular varieties of rice in Thailand.

Tom Yum Soup

Restorative Tom Yum Soup with Chicken Broth

A quintessential Thai dish, tom yum soup is known for it’s medicinal and restorative properties (some say it’s a close rival to chicken noodle!). Here, Chef Jet Tila adds shrimp to the basic recipe included in Lumlum’s Tom Yum Soup Set, making it a more filling soup worthy of serving as a main.