9 New Ways to Use Pesto

Basil, garlic, nuts, and cheese—is there anything more tasty than that? Though pesto is most commonly tossed with pasta, it’s an incredibly diverse condiment that’s delicious with so many preparations. Need some inspiration? We’ve got an incredible list to get you started.

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1. Top a pizza

Instead of using tomato sauce, spread pesto onto pizza dough before adding toppings and cheese.

2. Serve with breakfast

Stir into eggs, spread onto toast, or mix into hash browns. The opportunities are endless!

3. Bake into bread

Swirl pesto into bread dough, then bake according to recipe instructions.

4. Layer onto bruschetta 

Top a toasted slice of baguette with pesto and top with chopped tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil. It’s a delicious upgrade to the basic bruschetta appetizer.

5. Whisk into salad dressing

Whisk pesto into your favorite salad dressing and toss with lettuce and mix-ins like walnuts and shaved Parmesan.

6. Spread into a sandwich

Mix pesto with mayonnaise and spread into a sandwich or panini. For more pesto flavor, nix the mayo and substitute for fresh basil leaves.

7. Upgrade a grilled cheese

Adding pesto to grilled cheese is an easy step that brings amazing flavor to even the simplest of sandwiches.

8. Swirl into soup

Pesto is particularly delicious with creamier soups, like potato or asparagus.

9. Spruce up quesadillas

Add an Italian spin to quesadillas by spreading a layer of pesto onto the tortilla just before cooking.

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  • Marlene

    I love pesto, it really can go in or on anything. I also add it to yogurt, sour cream, or hummus. I love putting it in marinades also. When applied to heat like barbecue for flash cooking it melts into things wonderfully. Just be careful not to cook it too long if it traditional basil pesto. It will brown in color, but still be fine to eat. One of my favorite products I use similarly is Coleman’s mint sauce from Ireland. People love it even when they say they don’t typically like mint. It’s a mild spearmint with cider vinegar tang. It’s great in marinades and has endless uses, but is also exceptional with traditional leg of lamb.

    • http://www.trytheworld.com Try The World

      Agreed Marlene! Never thought of yogurt! We will have to try that out! Thanks for sharing your ideas! -Diego