6 Rules to Live by in Italy

Planning a trip to Italy anytime soon? Before you go, be sure to brush up on some essential Italian etiquette. You wouldn’t want to stand out as the obnoxious American tourist, now would you?

Wine Glasses
© Pixabay

1. Don’t twirl pasta around your fork

And don’t twirl it into a spoon either! Scoop it with a fork instead.

2. Don’t pour your own wine

The head of the household keeps track of wine glasses at the table and fills them before they’re empty. Guests should never have to lift a finger—or ask for more.

3. Friends and family kiss on the cheek

Only shake hands with a new acquaintance or in a business setting.

4. Always pair sauces with the appropriate pasta.

Each type of pasta is specifically made to pair with a particular sauce: depending on their flavor and thickness, sauces adhere best to their correct pasta shape.

5. Always drink espresso

Cappuccino is acceptable only in the morning before 10 a.m. Italians drink espresso on every other occasion.

6. Always keep your shoes on in public

Removing your shoes is considered disrespectful.

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