5 Ways to Use Your Brazil Box Spices

The churrasco spice mix from BR Spices in Brazil may be specially for barbecues, but we think it’s perfect for a lot of other dishes too. If you still have a full jar sitting around, check out these 5 delicious ideas for some cooking inspiration!

© Pixabay

1. Season a homemade snack

Right as they come out of the frier or oven, sprinkle sweet potatoe or white potato french fries with the spice mixture and some sea salt. The spices are delicious with popcorn too, or mixed into a savory bread dough.

2. Amp up your roasting game

Sprinkle these spices onto red meats, like beef or lamb, just before roasting. For vegetables, whisk the spices into some olive oil, and drizzle the mixture onto raw vegetables. Then roast in the oven until charred and crisp.

3. Whisk into dressing

To quickly boost the flavor of chicken or egg salads, whisk the spice mixture into a vinaigrette before tossing it with other ingredients.

4. Spice up your trail mix

Add flavor to an otherwise simple trail mix by tossing nuts with olive oil, salt, and the spice mix. Then, try browning them in the oven for a warming snack.

5. Make a marinade

Add a bit of spices and plain yogurt into a large plastic bag, and then add in raw meat. Allow to marinate for at least 2 hours before cooking.

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