5 Things to Know About Anise

The delicious cookies in the Morocco Box are chock-full of a spice called anise. Its flavor is reminiscent of licorice and fennel, and its story goes all the way back to over 3 millennia ago.

Anise Cookies
© Daeun Janet

1. Anise can help stop the hiccups.

It’s also helpful in alleviating stomach issues, coughing, and congestion.

2. Licorice is flavored with anise essential oils.

These essential oils are also commonly added to spirits and baked goods to give them their licorice-like flavor.

3. Anise has been used in and out of the kitchen since 1500 BCE.

Anise was one the first plants to be used by humans: it helped season food and treat a variety of ailments.

4. Some animals are attracted to the scent of anise.

Some fisherman use anise on their bait to allure fish, and pet owners use it to train their cats and dogs.

5. Anise is native to the Mediterranean.

Anise was originally cultivated in Egypt, but grows around the entire Mediterranean basin today.




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