5 Delicious Cookies from Italy

Marabissi, the brand of amaretti cookies featured in our Italy Box, has been making traditional Italian pastries for over 60 years.

Massimiliano and Dania continue the Marabissi family tradition to produce these delicious specialties. We’re obsessed with their amaretti—they’re great dipped into coffee or crumbled over ice cream.

But in addition to amaretti cookies, did you know Italy is famous for other types of cookies?

© Daeun Janet

1. Amaretti

Amaretti is the Italian work for macaroons and means “little bitter things.” Originating from Venice, these cookies are made from either ground almonds or almond paste and egg whites. The amaretti cookie was invented in the early 18th century to celebrate the visit of a bishop to a small town.

2. Biscotti

Also called cantuccini, biscotti are named after their particular preparation technique in which they are baked twice in the oven: bis (twice) baked (cotti). Their dry and crunchy texture makes them perfect for dipping into coffee or dessert wine.

3. Pizzelle

A thin, waffle-like cookie, pizzelle is made by baking dough in an ornately patterned iron that presses a motif into the surface of the cookie. They can be crisp or soft, depending on the preparation.

4. Taralli

A small baked treat from southern Italy, taralli is shaped into a spiral and can be made sweet or savory, depending on the recipe. The sweet variety is excellent dipped into soft caramel.

5. Pignoli

Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, pignoli are rolled into pine nuts just before baking. This signature topping, however, also makes them incredibly expensive, as pine nuts fetch a higher price than many other nuts!


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