4 Things to Know about the Brazilian Nuts Spread from the Brazil Box

Love the Brazilian nuts spread from your Brazil Box? We do too. And in fact, we’re obsessed! Here are 4 quick facts to know about the company that makes this incredible spread.

Baru Nuts
© Monama

1. All about organic

Organic food production isn’t all that popular in Brazil, and most of what might be grown locally is generally exported. Determined to counter this trend, Monama was founded to give Brazilians access to high quality organic foods.

2. Amazonian harvest

Most ingredients in Monama products are harvested directly from the Amazon!

3. Indigenous roots

As the founder’s grandmother was a native Amazonian, the company is named after an indigenous phrase meaning “mixing the little things” in the languages of Tupi-Guarani.

4. More than a nut

Baru nuts, the featured ingredient of the Brazilian nuts spread from the Brazil Box, is a rumored aphrodisiac!

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