4 Other Tagine and Couscous Variations to Try

Once you’ve mastered the traditional Moroccan tagine and couscous recipe, it’s easy to swap ingredients and create new takes on the classic—including vegetarian variations! For each of the suggestions below, follow the method described in this classic couscous recipe.

© Daeun Janet

Chicken and Chickpea

  • Base protein: chicken
  • Seasonings: Pikarome Moroccan harissa
  • Add-ins: chickpeas, apricots, and almonds

Lamb and Apricot

  • Base protein: lamb
  • Seasonings: Safran & Epices Prestige kefta spice blend
  • Add-ins: chickpeas, apricots, and raisins

Sweet Beef

  • Base protein: beef
  • Seasonings: Safran & Epices Prestige kefta spice blend, honey, and ginger
  • Add-ins: pear

Seasonal Vegetables

  • Seasonings: Pikarome Moroccan harissa
  • Add-ins: butternut squash, carrots, zucchini, bell pepper, turnip, and salted lemon

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