10 International Foods to Cook with this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrates the cooperation of early American cultures through a rich fusion of ingredients and traditions. You too can continue this tradition by cooking with international ingredients from Try The World boxes. Ran out of any of the items? Check out the Shop to restock your pantry.

Malbec Wine Sauce
© Reflex

1. Malbec Wine Sauce by Pampa Gourmet | Argentina | Buy it here

This Malbec sauce is a great glaze for holiday meats. Its light, sweet, and fruity notes balance well with red meat or poultry when drizzled after roasting. It’s also delicious in vinaigrettes, tarts, or pie fillings.

2. Urfa Biber by Villa Jerada | Morocco | Buy it here

With a more complex flavor than red chili peppers, urfa biber pepper flakes are delicious when sprinkled onto meat and vegetables. They add smoky spice to any savory dish.

Moroccan Deviled Eggs
© Joelle Duff

3. Kefta Rub by Villa Jerada | Morocco | Buy it here

Its rich, complex, and smoky notes make kefta rub an extremely versatile seasoning that elevates any appetizer, side, or main dish. Try rubbing it over the turkey, or sprinkling it over vegetable sides and mashed potatoes. It’s also great on deviled eggs as an appetizer.

4. Smoked Paprika by El Avión | Spain | Buy it here

Hot and spicy paprika adds a kick of flavor to poultry dishes by enhancing the smoky undertones of the meat. Upgrade your turkey by using the spice as a dry rub.

Roast Chicken Dijonnaise
© Erik Bardin, The Frynamic Duo

5. Whole Grain Mustard by Domaine des Vignes | France | Buy it here

With its unique juxtaposition of texture and flavor, French mustard adds rich and tangy flavor to any dish. It’s especially good rubbed onto poultry before roasting.

6. Béarnaise Sauce by Christian Potier | France | Buy it here

Smooth, rich, and creamy, béarnaise sauce is typically served with steak, though it’s also delicious with poultry. Serve it alongside your Thanksgiving turkey instead of—or in addition to—traditional gravy.

Marinated Steak with Watercress
© Felicia Perretti

7. Umami Ponzu Sauce by Wadakan | Japan | Buy it here

Ponzu’s sweet and savory flavors make for a delicate addition to meat and fish. Use it to marinate the turkey or mix it into salad dressing.

8. Smoked Chimichurri by Vanoli | Argentina | Buy it here

Chimichurri, a traditional Argentinian sauce typically served over steak, gives protein a bold, smoky flavor. Rub it a onto the bird before roasting or use it to make a marinade for vegetable sides.

Ginger Paste
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9. Ginger Paste by House Foods | Japan | Buy it here

A staple of Japanese cuisine, ginger paste is easy to incorporate into your Thanksgiving feast: simply make a marinade for the turkey by combining ginger paste with soy sauce, garlic, and a pinch of sugar. Careful: ginger paste is strong, so a little goes a long way.

10. Coffee and Chocolate Sauce by Bazzar | Brazil | Buy it here

No Thanksgiving feast is complete without one—or many more—show-stopping desserts, and this rich and decadent coffee and chocolate sauce is the perfect contender. Use it to top desserts or drizzle it over ice cream.

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